Kasese Killings – Conflicting Schools of Thought

So i have read and continued to read Rwakakamba’s reaction, tweets and posts. I have also had the agony of reading his exchanges with other commentators regarding the killings in Kasese. While it is easier to wonder from which school of thought his arguments are premised, it is annoying in itself to attempt to justify the arguments for the state in the after math of the killings.


It is always logical to draw the conclusion that it takes two to tangle. The killings are unfortunate, really unfortunate. I still think the problems of the region cannot be summarised by altercations and ought right bludgeoning of human beings by all means unnecessary. I hardly think they can be resolved by mere dialogue neither.



Plainly speaking, i think they are symptomatic of our societies’ lack of inclusiveness. This is just a tip of icebergs considering the rhetoric that followed the death of  Mr. Akena, an Acholi allegedly at the hands of one Mr. Kanyamunyu, a Munyankole. I have also heard of rumours of a secession of the Yiira Republic.These ethnic tensions. All parties should take time to think of workable and more practical options.
I align myself with my senior brother H.E Gimara of the Uganda Law Society’s comments in relation to this question. Indeed, all critics and commentators on this subject need to take a step and ponder about the root cause of this drama.

At times wonder what amounts to self-defence in the opinion security forces or government leaning bureaucrats. In most cases, these are incidents that can be avoided from the onset. Problem is that our politics dirty as they are don’t allow us alternative dispute resolution. In my view we leave and serve a regime that cares for its survival than the sustained survival of its citizenry.

Of course, for political purposes, the likes of Mr. Tumwebaze will reach for the cameras and attempt to sell a narrative that the forces were simply doing their job restoring order. But how do the actions of the security forces at the Obusinga of Rwenzururu reflect on the very narrative he attempts to sell.

The problem is that the state then finds it suiting to arrest Ms Joy Doreen Biira of KTN News for i hear aiding and abetting terrorism. One cannot clog free  press and free speech in the light of the happenings in Kasese. The misguided approach of panicking to save face by the security forces make one think this regime has lost its bearings.

In the same regard, I tend to think we continue to lack a professional police force and intelligence force. This has over the years been evident. Various investigations and inquests have gone botched for this same reason. We rush to speak and save face. We also forget to address the issues at hand.
My last word on this subject is simple. I am not for retribution. The problem with retribution is that it hardly corrects and gives room for the thought of blood for blood.  I think for purposes of harmonising for the long time and to avoid an impending genocide, we need to do it the Post Genocide Gacaca way. By that, all fronts find a workable solution that suits all parties.

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