The Mweruka Sex-tape – My view.

Before I begin, I wish to state that I have not had the chance to appreciate the content, substance and quality of the sex tape recently published that involves Robina Mweruka. My blog will therefore zero on the criticisms and applause of the actions of Mweruka and speculate a bit on where it takes her from the point it went viral. Since the  publishing, I have heard all sorts of criticism, judgement, ridicule and other sorts of attitude positive and negative i may not be able to pen down today. I don’t watch Bukedde TV, and when I do, its for a short time. As such, I have not the slightest idea how Mweruka looks like. However, that cannot stop me from writing this opinion. The few times I have watched Bukedde TV, it has been the habit of the station and the anchors to state the that Bukeddde TV condemns all acts of immorality and lawlessness – “Bukedde TV evumilila ebikolwa ebyobuseegu n’okutwalila amateeka mungalo” If this is not a mere bluff, I wonder where this leaves the Katongole – Omutongoles and the Mwerukas?

Most of the comments I have read in passing, have been veered to attack the promiscuity of a married woman, her immorality and judgement has been passed upon women adulterers in general. It raises again the question of who is to blame for adultery of a partner. Further judgement has been hurled against the direct involvement of the husband’s  good friend which I will address in the coming paragraphs.

Adultery has existed for the last two millenniums which makes it something not new at all by any means, but some thing our married friends should learn to accept as a reality of marital life. In short my point is that any wife or husband sees it coming that his or her partner will cheat on him or her; that he or she may even have the arrogance to do it in their marital bed. Whether or not it should be condemned is a relatively subjective issue. In my opinion adultery should not even be a solid ground for divorce, considering the fact that our friends who enter into marriage contracts do so with the presumption and acceptance of the fact that their partner is human and will at will succumb to desires of her/his body the self-control and values notwithstanding.

We have been born an bred in a society in which our parents and have given lessons and lectures on the sanctity of sex and marriage; the church and religious institutions have passed on their indoctrination  as to what in their opinion they deem fit in the sight of God. I may not differ with them much, but may partly disagree with them on issues regarding adultery. My opinion has always been that marriages tend to be overrated and require a modification to fit into the modern social perspective which harnesses the reality that adultery has been and will always be present in marriages. In the instant case, most of the people have criticised Mweruka’s ‘immorality’ forgetting how many unpublished cases of their own cheating escapades are in their closets.

As a journalist and public figure the bar is always raised higher because of the public expectation. What the expectant public must always forget is that such public figures have personal lives and cannot live them without fault. Of course the very expectant members of the public are always eager to jump on their moral high-horse and write judgement upon their role – models involved in scandal, laugh at them, ridicule them and sit and patiently wait for the next of their prey. Even husbands find it suiting to act upon their anger outrage and file applications for divorce; because their wives were involved in the public walk of shame.

I have not had the chance of listening to Robina Mweruka’s side of the story (if there is any) but i have thought of the possibility that the video clip could have been leaked against her will; logically, there is also a possibility of blackmail. I wish to give her the benefit of the doubt  and my sympathies to Mweruka for: (a) According to my friends that have watched the video, there was no audio and; (b) the lighting was poor. Logically it doesn’t pair up for a person who wished to make  and leak a sex tape for herself. The blackmail theory probably fits in right, the room could have been bugged with the intent of blackmailing her with the video of her and the husband’s good friend.

I plan to discuss the issue of disrespect as I had mentioned in the aforementioned paragraphs. As to whether or not it makes a difference when a partner has an affair in the marital bed and, or with a good friend of the husband. I think the difference is marginal. Yes it is absolute arrogance in the case of the using the marital bed and having an affair with the friend of a husband. However i tend to think the rational husband is likely to get hurt in equal measure. What is important is that the spouse comes to a realisation adultery is a fact of marriage life, and it can be worked upon without divorce. Many cases, i have seen on Bukedde TV have been in my view a success considering the after the accusations and fights, the husband struggles to walk away with his wife. In the Mweruka case, unless there are other factors that may call for divorce in the Mweruka marriage, it is my view that the application for divorce was an overreaction on the husband’s part.

Lastly, i wish to discuss the management of a massive sex tape scandal, for her family, i would liken the grim and darkness in her home to what occurs when one loses a child. The divorce application are all hearing about is just an icing on the cake. But this is not to say that the she is patient zero of a sex tape gone viral. Several other creatures have been through what she is experiencing, but of course life is never the same. She will be lucky if she keeps her job, and not fed on by in-laws that were dying to have their moment to do so. Soon the tabloids and social media will move on to the next and forget about her, but for now she makes good boy talk.


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