It’s a huge rip off: Universities are cheating both students and teachers

Sunny Ntayombya

University of Kigali campus University of Kigali campus

There is a universally held opinion among Rwandan employers that university graduates are half-baked and totally unprepared to compete in the job market. And as someone who has interviewed a few young aspiring journalists I can say that the sentiment holds a bit of truth. For the longest time I believed that the main issue was the outdated curriculum that put more emphasis on rote learning rather than practical skills, but a recent encounter changed my mind.

After receiving my post-graduate degree I thought of ways I could use the skills I learnt in Beijing to better my country and profession. So, I decided to do what I’ve always wanted to try: teaching. I reached out to several universities that had an undergraduate programme in communication, mass media or journalism and sent them my resume. I got a call back from a certain well-known Kenyan university…

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