ISIS, ISIL, or any other name! Are they relevant? Have these names any effect?


I have watched all these media reports; read press statements from our so called International community; continued to follow the White House movements of Obama and Kerry on the subject; and gone ahead to dread on the beheadings and crucifixions and what may be called the imprudent acts and omissions of the ISIS/ISI & Levant and Islamic State as they properly so call themselves.

It is not my intention today to delve into their legitimacy  or the illegitimacy of their cause. I only intend to ask the question that one may be regarded less fundamental when seeking allies and weapons to overthrow those ‘rogues’. From what i have gathered, the name ISIS or ISIL or any other is a name that that they do not keep for a long time. One would argue that their name evolves as their cause and mission does. It is relevant to ask whether ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria purports to make mention of the possibility of the actual creation of a state as may be defined under International law.Isil


Who are these people?


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